Give Pray Fast: How to Finish Your Fast

Give Pray Fast with Rennie Ling and Donna Partow

We’ve all been there. So inspired! You are going to fast. For 3 days. Or 10 days. Even 40 days. This is your big breakthrough moment with Give Pray Fast. Then midway through Day 2, the donuts call your name and that’s the end of that.  You feel defeated. Unspiritual. Maybe even ashamed. No more! Here’s Your Fail-Proof Action Guide … Read More

Fasting for 10 Days: What to Expect

Fasting for 10 Days

Are you thinking about fasting for 10 days? If so, I’d love to help!  I have completed numerous extended fasts over the past two decades, ranging from 7 to 40 days.  And to be honest, I think a 10-Day Fast is really the sweet spot. It’s just long enough to reap the full benefit of an Extended Fast. Without being … Read More

How to Fast for 40 Days

Are you considering fasting for an extended period of time? Whether that’s 10 days, 21 days or even 40 days? I have fasted for decades – beginning with one day fasts and eventually completing a 40 Day Fast. I’ve read just about every Christian book ever written on the topic of fasting. And listened to countless sermons and podcasts. But … Read More

How To Fast for Better Health in Spirit Soul and Body

Power of God

Lots of you are inquring about my suggested guidelines for How to Fast.  Fasting is one of my absolute passions, because: 1. I’ve seen that it releases atomic power in the spiritual realm 2. It’s a missing piece in many Christian’s lives today I teach extensively on fasting in my class, Unleash the Power of God. You can access the materials … Read More