Fasting for 10 Days: What to Expect

Fasting for 10 Days

Are you thinking about fasting for 10 days?

If so, I'd love to help!  I have completed numerous extended fasts over the past two decades, ranging from 7 to 40 days.  And to be honest, I think a 10-Day Fast is really the sweet spot. It's just long enough to reap the full benefit of an Extended Fast. Without being so long that it disrupts your entire life.

For me, fasting is a lifestyle. I'm confident that, once you discover the many benefits, you will want to make fasting a lifestyle, too. In a typical year, I will enjoy fasting for 10 days at least four times. Often more.

Along this fasting journey, I've learned a lot of very important strategies that make a significant difference.

Free Guide: Fasting for 10 Days

How to Fast
How to do a 10-Day Fast

I've put together a free guide, The Secret to Extended Fasts: Understanding The 5 Phases of Fasting. That way, you'll know exactly what to expect every step of the way.  Be sure to grab your copy today:

I've read dozens of books and hundreds of articles on fasting. Yet there are some aspects of Extended Fasting that I've never heard taught anywhere else. The 5 Phases I cover include:

  1. The Battle for Your Soul
  2. The Battle for Your Body
  3. The Fasting Zone
  4. Termination Phase
  5. The Final Phase is the One No One Tells You About!

Understanding the 5 Phases of Fasting is the difference between a joyous experience. And one that leaves you feeling worse than you did before you began!

I know you'll be blessed by this training. 

Doctor-Created Plan

I've coached hundreds of women who wanted to try fasting for 10 days. Many of them reported that their doctor's were concerned about their health or disapproved of the whole idea.

That's when I asked the medical advisor for my ministry, Dr. Kristin Jacobson, to create a 10-Day Fast that was filled with nutrition. That way, even women with medical conditions can get permission from their doctor to participate.

The result is Dr. Kristin's Breakthrough Fast. This is NOT a water-only fast. It is fasting with healthy beverages like broth. You will not be hungry. Your health won't be in jeopardy. That way, you can fast with confidence. It's just $7. If you think it will help, you can learn more about it on the information page for 10 Days of Pressing In

10-Day Fast

You can also read my article on Fasting for 40 Days. It shares many examples from the Bible and church history that I know will encourage you!