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Who Am I?

In Case You're Curious, You Can Read My Official Bio Here

I’m just a Jersey girl who loves Jesus.

God has enabled me to conquer many things: trauma, addiction and health issues— to name just a few. But by his amazing grace, he’s also empowered me to achieve most of my dreams, like becoming an international best-selling author, professional motivational speaker, internet pioneer and global missionary traveling to six continents.

Now I'd be honored to share with you both my worst mistakes (so you can avoid them) and my wisest moves (so you can imitate them). I’ve dedicated my life to mobilizing God's people to impact nations.

My favorite line from my favorite movie is "None of you have to go...but we are the only hope they have" (13 Hours)

If you're ready to go but need a swift kick to get you going - or help to find another gear - I might just be your new best friend.

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