How To Fast for Better Health in Spirit Soul and Body

Power of God

Lots of you are inquring about my suggested guidelines for How to Fast. 

Fasting is one of my absolute passions, because:

1. I've seen that it releases atomic power in the spiritual realm
2. It's a missing piece in many Christian's lives today

I teach extensively on fasting in my class, Unleash the Power of God. You can access the materials immediately. Then when we go LIVE with a corporate fast and prophetic prayer sessions, you'll be included.

I do not know of ANYONE anywhere teaching the insights I share on fasting — total paradigm shifters.

Jump on in. The fasting's fine:

Here are my Top Tips

  1. Do NOT consume caffeine while fasting!  If possible, eliminate caffeine a few days before your fast.
  2. Be aware that you may experience headaches, jitters, shivering, nausea, diarrhea and other side effects as your body “detoxifies” itself.  This is especially true if you have been eating an unhealthy diet for many years.  Don’t give up your fast just because you experience symptoms of detoxification!  It is actually good news.  It means your body is getting rid of the junk. Do not take over-the-counter medications to counter-act these symptoms!  If you are truly ill, visit a physician.
  3. It would be helpful for you to do the Cabbage Soup Diet at least once before attempting a fast, because it is a great detoxification program.   I know, I know, you are skeptical.  But this was recommended to me by Dr. Alan Spreen, the Nutrition Physician himself (and my former neighbor).
  4. You might want to eat a salad or steamed vegetables, then take a warm bath, before going to bed on the eve of your fast.  This jumpstarts your body’s cleansing processes.
  5. Eat healthy foods for several days prior to your fast.  Don’t gorge yourself on junk food the night before.
  6. If you have a juicer, you can consume a small amount of fresh vegetable juices.
  7. Another great fasting drink is warm lemon water (fresh-squeezed only) with a tablespoon of Grade B Maple Syrup and cayenne pepper.
  8. Drink at least ½ gallon of water. You may add a little fresh lemon or a small amount of cranberry juice concentrate (available at health food stores) to your water.
  9. The day after your fast, try to eat healthy and light.  For breakfast, you might start with fresh fruits, then a salad for lunch.  Resist the temptation to eat starchy or sugar-laded foods, as these will undo the health benefits of fast.
  10. If a complete fast is not possible, you may consider a partial fast.  For example, fast from solids, restricting yourself to liquids such as protein shakes, fruit juice, soup, etc.  (I often do this type of  fast.)
  11. Prepare your family’s meals in advance; crock pot meals are wonderful because you can throw the food in and forget it.  Your family can serve themselves without too much involvement on mom’s part. Pray for your family while they enjoy their meals.  When I am fasting, I often use mealtimes to read aloud to my children.
  12. Keep your schedule light, if at all possible.  Run errands in advance, put your household in good order by getting ahead of schedule on chores, etc.
  13. Enlist your family’s support.  Explain to them why you are fasting.  them to pray for you and not tempt you with food offerings.
  14. You can be certain the Enemy of your soul will do everything in his power to dissuade you from fasting.  He knows you are about to tap into some powerful spiritual resources.  Be determined, in advance, to resist every temptation he will send your way.