Donations to Donna Partow International

You may or may not know this about me!  But I am a full-time tent-making missionary.  Maybe you are unfamiliar with that term. It means my international ministry is sustained, not primarily through donations, but by my own earned income.   Specifically, through the sales of books and registration fees for my online university. The Apostle Paul set the example … Read More

How to Set Smart Goals for the New Year

Smart Goals

Smart Goals for a New You in the New Year I’m getting ready to take down my Christmas tree and put away the decorations.  This is probably my favorite week of the year.  The week between Christmas and New Year.  It’s a time for dreaming about FRESH STARTS.  And I love fresh starts.   As you look to a new year—dare … Read More

Quick, Easy Fitness Tips for Ordinary Women

Fitness Tips for Women

1.  Set specific, measurable goals.  Create a colorful chart to monitor and measure your progress.  Put it on your refrigerator or pantry door. 2.  Celebrate improvement. 3.  Find a walking partner.  Walk 3-5 days per week for 30 minutes.  If you can’t do that from day 1, just start by walking out your front door, walk 7 minutes. Turn around … Read More

The Mighty Musk Ox Prayer Warrior Princess Brigade

The Story Behind the Mighty Musk Ox Prayer Warrior Princess Brigade

Several years ago, God led me to write this declaration for Christian women, inspired by the musk ox who make their home at the Arctic Circle: I have been chosen by God.He has called meto be a spiritual warriorin my own homein my church & communityin this nationeven to the very ends of the earth. In this critical hourI take … Read More

Benefits of Rebounding

Benefits of Rebounding

The Benefits of Rebounding (bouncing on a mini-trampoline) fall into 3 categories. This is the exercise I recommend in my 90-Day Renewal.  Let me share some of the unique benefits of rebounding: 1.  Cellular Health Research conducted by NASA, comparing running to rebounding, found that rebounding is 68% more efficient in producing similar physiological results.  It began when NASA scientists … Read More