The Mighty Musk Ox Prayer Warrior Princess Brigade

The Story Behind the Mighty Musk Ox Prayer Warrior Princess Brigade

Several years ago, God led me to write this declaration for Christian women, inspired by the musk ox who make their home at the Arctic Circle:

I have been chosen by God.
He has called me
to be a spiritual warrior
in my own home
in my church & community
in this nation
even to the very ends of the earth.

In this critical hour
I take my stand
and I declare:
No devil in hell
No person on earth
Nothing and no one
Can thwart God’s good plan for me.

As long as…….
I choose to walk in peace.
With my soul at rest
and my body in motion.

I have absolute confidence
in my Father’s loving care.
God’s got my back.
I am standing in the gap
And I will not be moved.

I will fight battles worth fighting.
And tell stories worth telling..
Because I am – and always will remain —
A Mighty Musk Ox Prayer Warrior Princess!

Mighty Musk Ox Declaration

The Story Behind the Musk Ox Prayer

Up in the Arctic Circle there lives a mighty animal known as the musk ox. When the wolves, which prey upon the young musk oxen, begin to howl, the adult musk oxen form a circle around their young.

They stand there, and by the sheer force of their countenance they say to those wolves, “If you want to destroy one of these babies, you’ll have to GET PAST ME.”

This is extremely rare in the animal kingdom. In fact, there is only one other creature on the planet–the African counterpart of the musk ox–that forms a defensive circle. All other species turn and run in the face of danger.

Are We in Danger?

  • When I look at the church in America today, I have no choice but to conclude that the wolves are devouring at will.
  • When I hear that the divorce rate in the church is either equal to or higher than the divorce rate outside the church, I know the wolves are devouring at will.
  • When I hear that the teen pregnancy rate is higher among teens raised in Evangelical Christian homes than it is in the world at large.
  • When I travel this country listening to tales that just rip my heart out, I know the wolves are on the lose in the church.

And when I look at this situation, one burning question comes to my mind WHERE ARE THE MUSK OX?

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Video Message

This short video summarizes the message of the Musk Ox

Where Are the Musk Ox?

Where are the guardians of the church?

Where are the women who have been blessed with a rich spiritual inheritance, the women with all the great kids and the bragging rights? Where are the women who should be mighty in the land? Where are the Musk Oxen? Where are those who will stand in prayer, forming a circle of spiritual protection around the weak? Where are those who will stand in the face of the devil and say, “If you want to destroy one more family in this church, you’re gonna have to GET PAST ME!”

God is raising up an army: The Mighty Musk Ox Prayer Warrior Princess Brigade. Join us!

The Story Behind the Mighty Musk Ox Prayer Warrior Princess Brigade

Make This Your Prayer

Come Holy Spirit
Come into our midst
Cleanse us of our sins
Renew our spirits
Make us whole

Move within us, Holy Spirit
Move us to action
Give us peace
So our souls will be at rest
Give us strength to go on
against our adversaries

Instruct us, Holy Spirit
So we may do God’s work
Send us out to bring the
Light of God to the dark world
And God’s word to those who
hunger for Him

Protect us, Holy Spirit
From ourselves
From our arrogance
From our pride
From our self pity

Inspire us, Holy Spirit
To step outside of ourselves
To forget ourselves
To focus on Jesus
To be the women God
wants us to be

Women with a mission
Women with a plan
Women who know the Lord
And listen intently
To get our assignments

Thank you, Holy Spirit
Thank you, Jesus
Thank you, God, our Father

Written May 30, 2009, as I waited patiently to pray with Donna Partow after the healing session with Father Fleming’s healing team.
Fairfax, Virginia

Anne Ferranti