Mighty Musk Ox Prayer

Mighty Musk Ox Prayer

Come Holy Spirit
Come into our midst
Cleanse us of our sins
Renew our spirits
Make us whole

Move within us, Holy Spirit
Move us to action
Give us peace
Sp our souls will be at rest
Give us strength to go on
against our adversaries

Instruct us, Holy Spirit
So we may do God’s work
Send us out to bring the
Light of God to the dark world
And God’s word to those who
hunger for Him

Protect us, Holy Spirit
From ourselves
From our arrogance
From our pride
From our self pity

Inspire us, Holy Spirit
To step outside of ourselves
To forget ourselves
To focus on Jesus
To be the women God
wants us to be

Women with a mission
Women with a plan
Women who know the Lord
And listen intently
To get our assignments

Thank you, Holy Spirit
Thank you, Jesus
Thank you, God, our Father

Written May 30, 2009, as I waited patiently to pray with Donna Partow after the healing session with Father Fleming’s healing team.
Fairfax, Virginia

Anne Ferranti