Quick, Easy Fitness Tips for Ordinary Women

Fitness Tips for Women

1.  Set specific, measurable goals.  Create a colorful chart to monitor and measure your progress.  Put it on your refrigerator or pantry door.

2.  Celebrate improvement.

3.  Find a walking partner.  Walk 3-5 days per week for 30 minutes.  If you can’t do that from day 1, just start by walking out your front door, walk 7 minutes. Turn around and come home.  Each day, add 2 minutes until you build up to 30.

4.  Work toward a fitness event.  Register for a 5k walk or run for charity.  Join a group that plans to hike a specific mountain or state park trail.

5.  Cross-train. Mix it up. Bike. Walk, Jump. Swim.  Stretch.

6.  Lift weights. You can find dumbells at a yard sale or pick them up at Walmart.  Videos I like include: 8 minutes in the morning and anything by  The FIRM. (You might find videos on eBay)

7.  Get the Curves fitness sandals from Avon and wear them all day, especially as you do your housework.   Right now, Avon will even give you a coupon for 30 days FREE at Curves.  Only $25 – a fabulous deal.  I love these things!!!

8.  Kitchen Exercise.  While making dinner or after school snacks, dance around like a nut.  Put on some upbeat praise music and have fun!  Or lift tomato cans. Do Lunges. Get moving!

9. Shower Exercise – While conditioning your hair, do push-backs against the shower wall (careful though).  Lift shampoo bottles. Do isometric squeezes or  squats.

10.  Whenever you feel self-conscious, flabby, fat , whatever – take action. Move that part of your body you are unhappy with. Bend, stretch, lift, resist.

11.  Jump on a mini-trampoline while on the phone.

12.  Family Fitness. Get your whole family involved.  Ride bikes with your kids. Walk your dog.  Take a fitness-oriented vacation at the beach or go on an adventure vacation, rather than an amusement park.

13.  Take the stairs.  In your own house, too.  Take them two by two (hold onto the rail and be careful, of course)  But first thing in the morning, deliberately go up and down the steps at least 20 times to get the blood pumping.

14.  Red lights are a great time to do isometric squeezes.

15. Remember that fitness is a way of life!  Enjoy.