Surprising Health Benefits of Honey

Health Benefits of Honey

More than thirty years ago, I discovered some surprising health benefits of honey. At the time, I was living in New Jersey. My seasonable allergies were so severe, I had to go to the doctor for a weekly allergy shot.

I can think of three things I already don't like about that scenario:

  1. The expense of a weekly doctor's visit
  2. The time commitment involved
  3. A weekly needle

So when a local naturopath suggested that honey must just be the solution to my allergies, I decided to give it a try. He suggested I begin taking a tablespoon per day of locally-cultivated raw honey.

He explained that ingesting a small amount of pollen each day worked just like any other immunization. By consuming a small amount, I would develop a natural immunity to local allergens.

That's why it's so important to find honey cultivated by local bees. That way, you'll develop an immunity to local allergens. Within a few months, I noticed a dramatic improvement in my debilitating allergy symptoms. Within six months, I stopped going for my weekly allergy shot.

As I said, that was more than thirty years ago. One year, I had traveled extensively overseas during the first few months of the year. As a result, I had gotten out of the habit of taking my daily honey. Sure enough, when April rolled around, I was so sick with allergies I could barely function. That's what finally convinced me that honey really was the reason I no longer suffered from allergies.

Other Health Benefits of Honey

  • Improves cholesterol
  • Can lower triglycerides
  • Alternative to sugar
  • Good source of antioxidants
  • Promotes healthy digestion
  • Soothes sore throat

You may also enjoy this short video on The Surprising Health Benefits of Honey.

Surprising Health Benefits of Honey

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