How to Get Free Christian Books on BookBub

Free Christian Books on Bookbub

Wait….you mean you never heard of Bookbub

I couldn't believe it.   I was visiting a friend in California and was so excited to tell her my big news: “Bookbub will be featuring one of my books for FREE this week.”

She gave me a blank look and said, “What's Bookbub? Never heard of it.”

This is a Christian woman who loves to read.  But she doesn't know that she can be notified every time her favorite authors are offering a book for free or dirt cheap!!! (We're talking .99 cents or $1.99 at most) 

So it occurred to me that YOU might not know about this super-cool resource.  Even though it's quick, easy, and free to sign up.  

Here's How It Works

Like I said, it's FREE. And it couldn't be easier to get on board and start getting those free books. Woo hoo!!

  1. Click here to sign up for Bookbub.
  2. Pick your favorite genres (let's say Christian non-fiction, Christian fiction, business, etc) 
  3. Watch your email.

    Each day, they will send you a short email featuring books you are sure to love — for free or sharply discounted. 

Follow Me!

Follow me on Bookbub

You can even follow your favorite authors on Bookbub, so I hope you'll follow me! That way, whenever I have a new book — or whenever one of my books is being offered free or super-cheap, you'll be the FIRST to know.

These graphics will help you find the follow button on various desktop, laptop and mobile devices. 

Happy reading! 

~ Donna Partow

Find Me on Bookbub (Desktop/laptop)

Follow Donna Partow on Bookbub Desktop

Follow Me on Bookbub (Mobile Version)

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Wondering Which Book to Read First?

Special Blessings Prayer by Donna Partow

If you are brand new to my ministry, you might want to start with The Special Blessings Prayer: How to Unleash the Love, Favor & Power of God Upon Your Life.

It's available on Amazon Kindle – always at a very affordable price. And it has actually been a FEATURED BOOK on Bookbub in the past – which is kind of a big deal.

It means they think my book is pretty terrific, which to me, is pretty terrific.

The book is a quick read – in fact, you can read it all in one sitting. But then you'll want to go back and work through the exercises at the end of each chapter to really get the most out of it.

Plus there's a free companion eclass that goes along with it. So that's a great way to get an introduction to my ministry.