Coronavirus’ Hidden Temptation for Christians

Coronavirus' Hidden Temptation For Christians

Did you know that the Coronavirus holds a hidden temptation? 

For me…and maybe even for you. 

That temptation is to fall into what I call a Poverty Mindset.  It's a mindset driven by fear and self-protection. 

It shows up in three main ways and I've created a little “Self-Test” you can take to see if it's been sneaking up on you. 

Be careful.  And be prayerful. 

The Poverty Mindset can do far more damage to your soul than the Coronavirus can do to your body.

Coronavirus' impact on poverty mindset

New Mindset. New Results.

I recently surveyed my existing customers. And asked “In what area of your life has my ministry been most helpful?”

The #1 answer was: You've helped me with my mindset. In fact, right now, I'm offering daily “Reset Sessions” to help my students during Coronavirus' continued lockdown.

We're studying my in-progress new book: Becoming the Best You Ever: 21 Days To Reinvent Your Life. When it's ready for the world, I'll be sure to let you know. You can follow me on Bookbub and you'll be notified automatically as soon as it's released.

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