Coronavirus’ Hidden Temptation for Christians

Coronavirus' Hidden Temptation For Christians

Did you know that the Coronavirus holds a hidden temptation?  For me…and maybe even for you.  That temptation is to fall into what I call a Poverty Mindset.  It’s a mindset driven by fear and self-protection.  It shows up in three main ways and I’ve created a little “Self-Test” you can take to see if it’s been sneaking up on you.  Be careful.  And … Read More

How To Get Stuff Done

I’m hearing from lots of people who wonder how I get so much stuff done!  …especially without a set schedule …without a boss looking over my shoulder.  First, let me tell you this:  It’s not because I’m organized.    And It’s not because I’m self-motivated. It’s because, 40 years ago,  I discovered a simple secret THAT WORKS.  Best of all, it works every … Read More

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3 Questions to Ask Before Entering The New Year

Are you excited about another New Year? Wondering how to make it your Best Year Ever? I want to ask you three short but powerful questions: What do you believe – no matter what?What do you do – no matter what? Who are you determined to become – no matter what? The most important words in each question are the same: … Read More

Make Today Great

Here is the form I use each day to make it a great day. I have also recorded a training video that shows you how to get the most out of the system.  It’s available for just $7. You can purchase a paperback book containing a short introduction and 90 Make Today Great forms on by visiting