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Market Your Business: Put the Internet to Work For You

The internet is the best thing that ever happened to homebased business owners.  Now, you can actually market your
business internationally for FREE.  It takes research and hard work, but you can do it.

Here are some strategies:

1.  Your Own Website.  Obviously, you need your own website although some internet markets claim you can use a free
WordPress blog instead (see #4 below).  Personally, I believe you should have a website. is affordable and provides downloads of free website creation software and other helpful tools.

2. Twitter.  Twitter is the newest social media that's growing like wildfire.  It's micro-blogging of 140 characters or less and it's a great way to connect globally.  Mike Hyatt has a great article on Twittering  Mike walks you, step-by-step, through the startup process.  Check out my Twitter page for an example of how it's done.  Within the first week on Twitter, I connected with a magazine editor and am forming a vital partnership with him.

3.  Facebook.  My favorite social media marketing tool, by far, is Facebook.  It's an incredibly fast growing site where you can network with friends, family and everyone in their network.  You can promote live events, on-line events, form interest groups and more.  If you want to market a home business, you absolutely must be active on Facebook.

4.  Blogging.   You can create a free WordPress blog in less than an hour.  Then begin writing articles about your area of expertise. It's a great way to establish yourself in your field and get customers coming to you.

5.  Post Articles All Over the Internet. Article marketing is an excellent way to not only drive traffic to your website but to
establish credibility as an expert and to generate publicity.   These informative articles should always provide a link back to
your website.  You can post on blogs, forums and discussion groups.  Be sure to check out Digg, a great tool for submitting your articles.  And by the way, don't let the word “article” intimidate you.  All you need is 200-400 words!  You should also search for on-line magazines or websites that might be interested in your articles.

6.  Opt-in Mailing list.  Your first objective with internet marketing is to obtain the name and email address of prospective
customers.  So your website, twitter account, Facebook, Blog and articles should all have one primary mission: to get people to provide you with their name, email and permission to stay in touch via a newsletter or autoresponder.  An autoresponder is a program that enables you to automatically send a series of emails to people once they sign up or “opt-in” to your mailing list.  For example, I have an opt-in mailing list for a monthly ezine.  Within seconds of signing up, the person receives an email from me welcoming them to my circle of friends.  Then once a month, I sent out an ezine with information, inspiration, invitations to my upcoming events and special offers in my bookstore.  (Be sure to opt-in, by the way.  Just click here or send an email to [email protected]  Note “Subscribe” in the subject line.)

Then I have my 90-Day autoresponder.  When people opt-in to that list, they immediately receive a welcome email, then every day for the next 90 days, the autoresponder automatically sends them the next message.  All of this is automatic.  I sent it up once, now my computer is keeping in touch with potential customers on my behalf–even while I sleep.

You should read everything you can get your hands on about marketing! The best books on marketing for the home-based
business owner include anything in the Guerrilla Marketing series by Jay Conrad Levinson.