Lost Your Job? Why I’m GLAD I Lost Mine!

I lost my job.  They gave me exactly one hour to gather my things and say goodbye to my coworkers.  The economy had been hit hard by Black Monday (October 1987)… …and everyone at the bank was stressed to the breaking point.  Wondering who would be next to lose their job.  When my turn came, I sobbed just like everyone else. But unlike most people, my tears quickly … Read More

How to Survive The Coronavirus Economic Upheaval

This coronavirus is unlike anything we’ve ever seen… But economic and career upheaval isn’t new.    In fact, I first went through it back in 1987.  That’s when my entire bank department was eliminated with just 1-hour notice.  Maybe you remember Black Monday. It was one of the worst stock market crashes in history.  And it led to massive job losses.  I … Read More

Online Success Quiz

Discover The Keys to Online Success Take this Self-Test if you: Have dreams that have been locked up inside your heart forever! Are ready to create online products or programs for passive income. Would like to launch a training, coaching or consulting business on the internet. Want total clarity about what YOU need to do next to succeed. TAKE THE … Read More