Lost Your Job? Why I’m GLAD I Lost Mine!

I lost my job. 

They gave me exactly one hour to gather my things and say goodbye to my coworkers. 

The economy had been hit hard by Black Monday (October 1987)… …and everyone at the bank was stressed to the breaking point.  Wondering who would be next to lose their job. 

When my turn came, I sobbed just like everyone else. But unlike most people, my tears quickly turned to laughter. Within the hour, I had made the decision that changed the course of my life forever.  I am telling you the truth from my heart:


It changed the course of my life.  Because it forced me to re-evaluate.  

It set me on the path to a new career.  And within a few short years, it led me into full-time ministry.  

If you have EVER thought about using your gifts to serve God. 

If you have EVER dreamed of Becoming A Vessel God Can Use…. 

Why not take this “opportunity” — even though it doesn't feel like an opportunity — to pursue that dream? 

I'm so glad I did.   

That's why I'm offering a special sale right now on my signature training program, Becoming A Vessel God Can Use.  It's a 10-week experience where I share — openly and honestly — what it's like to become someone God uses in a significant way.  

I'm glad I lost my job.  Because I found my calling!
I lost my job and found my calling.

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