Concerned About The Coronavirus? Stay Healthy!

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If you're concerned about the coronavirus, the best thing to do is stay healthy. Here's something you should consider:

Germs and viruses are always around us. 24/7/365. Even when the news media isn't saying so.

Some people get sick, some people don't.
Some who get sick, have a mild case while others become extremely ill.

What's the difference?

Simple: How healthy you are to begin with.

A healthy person with a strong immune system has little to fear from the Coronavirus or any other viral illness. In most cases, you won't even contract the virus at all. If you do, the case will probably be very mild.

So the most important thing you can do, aside from prayer is to get and stay healthy.

1. Cut back on sugar and other refined carbs.
2. Eat more of God's food, especially vegetables.
3. Exercise daily.
4. Enjoy time in creation.
5. Fast on a routine basis so your body is able to cleanse and repair itself.
6. Walk in peace and refuse to give in to fear.

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