Coronavirus: Time to Re-Evaluate Your Life & Calling

We've never seen anything quite like this worldwide pandemic. It's like the perfect storm of spiritual, political, social, financial, and medical chaos. Many are asking: What is God calling me to do? Who is He calling me to be?

Whatever else comes out of this madness, I'm praying that many of us — as God's people — will take the opportunity to press in to hear from Him in a more profound and personal way.

Now is the time to seek new direction for the next season. God created you for a purpose. And you'll never be truly happy until you find out exactly what it is. Then find the courage to walk in it.

I have a wonderful resource – my gift to you — called, “What's My Assignment?”

It's an incredible Self-Discovery Tool that will help you discern where God is directing your steps. You can get a free copy of What's My Assignment to help you discover your divine calling.

Discover Your Divine Calling

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