Do You Have Pet Sins?

Many Christians who sincerely love God…still hang on to Pet Sins. Are you one of them? What can you do about Pet Sins? I cried out to him with my mouth; his praise was on my tongue. If I had cherished sin in my heart, the Lord would not have listened; but God has surely listened and heard my voice … Read More

What God Is Doing Matters More Than What You’re Doing

If you want to enjoy life, then Get on board with what God is doing. Rather than trying to get Him on board with what you are doing! I’ll be the first to admit, throughout most of my Christian life, I was far more interested in trying to get God on board with my agenda. I would dream up all … Read More

Sow Where You Want To Go

Donna Partow in Brazil

Is God calling you to sow into the most powerful move in the history of the church? That’s what is about to unfold throughout Latin America. The Lord began showing me this during my first trip to Brazil in 2008. And has continued to expand the vision for more than a decade. Sow into The Fiery Presence of God The … Read More

Give Pray Fast: How to Finish Your Fast

Give Pray Fast with Rennie Ling and Donna Partow

We’ve all been there. So inspired! You are going to fast. For 3 days. Or 10 days. Even 40 days. This is your big breakthrough moment with Give Pray Fast. Then midway through Day 2, the donuts call your name and that’s the end of that.  You feel defeated. Unspiritual. Maybe even ashamed. No more! Here’s Your Fail-Proof Action Guide … Read More

Scripture Memory Tips That Really Work

Have you ever tried to memorize your favorite bible verse, but couldn’t? Here are simple Scripture Memory Tips that really work. Scripture Memory Tips Memorize, Personalize, Analyze 1. Set aside fifteen minutes per day for Scripture memory. 2. Choose verses that address your weaknesses. That way, you’ll have a vested interest in remembering them. 3. Read the passage aloud over … Read More