Scripture Memory Tips That Really Work

Have you ever tried to memorize your favorite bible verse, but couldn't? Here are simple Scripture Memory Tips that really work.

Scripture Memory Tips

Memorize, Personalize, Analyze

1. Set aside fifteen minutes per day for Scripture memory.

2. Choose verses that address your weaknesses. That way, you'll have a vested interest in remembering them.

3. Read the passage aloud over and over.

4. Break the verse down into logical parts. Learn one phrase, then two, until you've memorized the entire passage.

5. Repeat the reference often. (How many times have you searched for a verse in your Bible, murmuring that spaghetti sauce motto “It's in there”? If you can't find it, it's not much good. Learn the reference.)

6. It's better to learn a few verses really well, than many, poorly.

7. Underline difficult terms or key words. Look them up in the dictionary, a concordance, or Bible reference book.

8. Write out the verse from memory. This is a critical step. Something about putting pen to paper makes the words more permanent.

My #1 Top Secret Scripture Memory Strategy

Okay, it's not really top-secret. I've shared it in several of my books. But it is amazing and it works. Write out the first letter of every word of the verse you are trying to memorize. Leave room to write out the words later.

Walk away from it for awhile.

Come back and fill in the words using just the first letter as a hint.

Repeat this until you have the passage memorized. This is the best scripture memory strategy I have ever used. It works – and you'll remember the verse years later.

I know, it sounds crazy, right? But it WORKS. Try it!

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Scripture Memory Tips
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