Have You Gained a Size During the Quarantine?

Who else is going Covid Crazy?   Any chance you’ve gained a size since this started…or is that just me? I haven’t left my house since March 19th — other than one 15-minute visit with a lawyer to refi my house.  Well, okay.  My daughter insisted I hop in the car with her to drive through Starbucks before it closed.  And … Read More

Discover: The Perfect Exercise

Discover the Perfect Exercise! Get the answer in this short video from Donna Partow. Then get practical help in this short training video: click here Follow Donna Partow – Facebook, Instagram, PinterestYoutube Channel – Subscribe Now!

Free Ebook: Healthy Living A-Z

Healthy Living Tips

You’ll love this absolutely beautiful, fully-illustrated eBook filled with practical, easy-to-implement ideas. Just 1 idea – put into action –could dramatically¬†change your life for the better. From D for Dancing around your Kitchen to my top-secret (until now) 7-9-10 Strategy for better sleep and effortless weight loss (Read the tips under letter S), there’s something in this visually-stunning guidebook for … Read More

Benefits of Rebounding

Benefits of Rebounding

The Benefits of Rebounding (bouncing on a mini-trampoline) fall into 3 categories. This is the exercise I recommend in my 90-Day Renewal.  Let me share some of the unique benefits of rebounding: 1.  Cellular Health Research conducted by NASA, comparing running to rebounding, found that rebounding is 68% more efficient in producing similar physiological results.  It began when NASA scientists … Read More