God of Power: Experience Him Today & Always

Power of God

Do you believe the God of the bible is still a God of power? If not, then you must think God has changed. The Bible tells us that God is the same yesterday, today and forever. And when we read the Bible, from the Creation of the world in Genesis…to the majesty of Heaven in the Book of Revelation, we … Read More

Coronavirus: Time to Re-Evaluate Your Life & Calling

We’ve never seen anything quite like this worldwide pandemic. It’s like the perfect storm of spiritual, political, social, financial, and medical chaos. Many are asking: What is God calling me to do? Who is He calling me to be? Whatever else comes out of this madness, I’m praying that many of us — as God’s people — will take the … Read More

The Power of God: A 30-Day Adventure

Do you dream of seeing the power of God at work TODAY? In your own life? And in the world around you? That’s been my dream since the day I became a Christian 40 years ago. From the minute I picked up the Bible, I wondered: Why don’t we see this God of Wonders anymore? The kingdom of God is … Read More

Need a Confidence Boost? Discover 7 Keys To Increased God Confidence

I’ve put together a free video training on 7 Keys to Boost Your Confidence. Not self-confidence! GOD-Confidence! Two completely different things! Find out why! www.donnapartow.com/keys You might also enjoy my training video on the importance of focusing on what you are doing right, rather than what’s going wrong.

What’s Your Assignment? Discover Your Divine Calling

Do you know that, when God created you, He designed you for a specific assignment? Are you unclear exactly what you are on planet earth to do? You know you’re here for a purpose. You know God has called you, gifted you… But you’re not completely clear about the ONE THING that deserves your focus and commitment. If you’re looking … Read More