What’s Your Assignment? Discover Your Divine Calling

Do you know that, when God created you, He designed you for a specific assignment?

Are you unclear exactly what you are on planet earth to do?

You know you're here for a purpose.
You know God has called you, gifted you…

But you're not completely clear about the ONE THING that deserves your focus and commitment.

If you're looking for greater clarity, I know you'll be blessed by this powerful FREE tool, “What's My Assignment?”

Assignment from God

From the day you were born, God has been giving you clues about why you are on planet earth. Your gifts and talents are clues. Where you were born is another important clue. So is your birth order.

Even your emotions can point you in the right direction. Believe it or not, jealousy is a powerful indicator of your assignment. Because you only envy what you desire.

For example, if you told me you just got a huge promotion at work, I wouldn't be jealous at all. But if you told me you were going on a mission trip overseas I would have a quick pang of jealousy.

Why? Because that's my assignment — and deep in my heart, I've always known it.

Download the free ebook, “What's My Assignment?” Grab a pen and paper. Then set aside about 30 minutes for some serious self-evaluation.

Get ready to do a deep analysis of all the clues that have been hidden in plain sight all along. From your favorite subject in school. To the movies you like to watch over and over again.

Just one piece of advice: Be sure to move quickly through the exercise. Your first answer is almost always the correct answer — because it comes from your heart, not your head. Don't over-think the questions. Trust your gut and jot down the first thing that comes to mind.

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