How to Color Code Your Bible (& Why You Should)

Why not Color Code Your Bible to make it more personal…and even more powerful? I’ve been doing this for more than 30 years! It’s such an amazing way to make your Bible your own! Why not give it a try? Color Code Your Bible: Below is the simple color coding system I have used for my own bible study. You … Read More

How To Read the Bible to Get The Most Out of It

How to Read the Bible to Get the Most Out of It Read Verse Psalm 119:10-16 Affirmation: There’s no substitute for time spent in God’s Word. As a living book, the Bible communicates with you. It speaks to your circumstances; it gives you just the answer you need, when you need it. That’s why you should ask specific questions when … Read More

How To Get Stuff Done

I’m hearing from lots of people who wonder how I get so much stuff done!  …especially without a set schedule …without a boss looking over my shoulder.  First, let me tell you this:  It’s not because I’m organized.    And It’s not because I’m self-motivated. It’s because, 40 years ago,  I discovered a simple secret THAT WORKS.  Best of all, it works every … Read More

God is Doing a Global Reset: What Will It Mean For YOU?

God is doing a RESET around the globe.  Entire nations have been shaken.    This is a wake up call.  But it’s also an invitation.  Because of this global crisis, God is looking to LAUNCH many faithful ones into new spheres of influence. Right now, people are looking for answers.  Answers that God has already given you. If you have EVER thought about using … Read More

Creating Accountability with a Pit Crew

You need a Pit Crew to Create Accountability in your life Now let me guess what you’re thinking! Pit crew? I’m not a race driver, why on earth what I need that? Watch this video and find out: Here’s what the Bible says about the importance of accountability relationships: Two can accomplish more than twice as much as one, for … Read More