How To Read the Bible to Get The Most Out of It

How to Read the Bible to Get the Most Out of It

Read Verse Psalm 119:10-16

Affirmation: There’s no substitute for time spent in God's Word.

As a living book, the Bible communicates with you. It speaks to your circumstances; it gives you just the answer you need, when you need it.

That's why you should ask specific questions when you read the Bible and expect the Holy Spirit to provide clear, unmistakable answers.

When you read the Bible, you should perceive that God is customizing the curriculum, showing you which of your own thoughts and attitudes need to change.

Why not make it a daily priority to sit at the feet of Jesus? As you take time in God's Word, it will transform you from the inside out! And you'll be amazed as His power starts to flow through you.

Practically speaking, what changes do you need to make to shift from an efficient approach to how you read the Bible…to an effective approach to life?

How to Read the Bible to Get the Most Out of It
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