Book Review Wanted for Amazon

Christian Books for Women

Do you love to give advice? Do you love to offer advice? Enjoy helping people? Great, then you are the perfect person to write a book review. If you’ve been blessed by one of my books, I need your help! Would you take just a few minutes to write an honest Book Review on Amazon? It would mean so much … Read More

How to Get Free Christian Books on BookBub

Free Christian Books on Bookbub

Wait….you mean you never heard of Bookbub?  I couldn’t believe it.   I was visiting a friend in California and was so excited to tell her my big news: “Bookbub will be featuring one of my books for FREE this week.” She gave me a blank look and said, “What’s Bookbub? Never heard of it.” This is a Christian woman who loves to read.  … Read More

Coronavirus’ Hidden Temptation for Christians

Coronavirus' Hidden Temptation For Christians

Did you know that the Coronavirus holds a hidden temptation?  For me…and maybe even for you.  That temptation is to fall into what I call a Poverty Mindset.  It’s a mindset driven by fear and self-protection.  It shows up in three main ways and I’ve created a little “Self-Test” you can take to see if it’s been sneaking up on you.  Be careful.  And … Read More

Have You Gained a Size During the Quarantine?

Who else is going Covid Crazy?   Any chance you’ve gained a size since this started…or is that just me? I haven’t left my house since March 19th — other than one 15-minute visit with a lawyer to refi my house.  Well, okay.  My daughter insisted I hop in the car with her to drive through Starbucks before it closed.  And … Read More

You Need Solitude

Why You Need Solitude

Throughout church history, Christians understood the value of solitude. Somehow, we’ve forgotten that. Everyone needs time to be alone. To think deeply about things that matter; to connect with God.; and to study His Word. That solitude needs to then be balanced with service to others. We seem to have lost that, too. Somehow, Christianity has devolved into a religion … Read More