7 Mountains of Influence: How to Find Your Place

7 Mountains of Influence

Have you ever heard of The 7 Mountains of Influence?

What an amazing time in history to be alive and walking with God! Like never before, He is raising up believers to places of influence in the world. Right now, God wants you to have greater impact than ever before.   

But do you ever wonder where you fit it? 

What your place and purpose is…in God's grand design for this hour? 

I've laid it out for you in this super-practical guide to understanding your role in The 7 Mountains of Influence. I first heard this teaching from Lance Wallnau. But although he made it popular, he did not originate the idea.

The Dream: 7 Mountains of Influence

In 1975, two of the greatest church leaders of the 20th Century had a similar dream. Those men were Bill Bright, founder of Campus Crusade and Loren Cunningham, founder of Youth With a Mission (YWAM). They both felt that God was impressing upon them the importance of Christians “taking the high ground.”

At that time, both the church and society taught that church was for Sunday morning. Most people believed the myth that our constitution demanded a “separation of church and state.” Somehow, this came to mean that the church had nothing to do except run the church.

Christians kept quiet about political, social and cultural issues. This opened the door for ungodly, radical ideologies to take total control of every area of society.

Take Back the High Ground

Both men felt strongly impressed by God that it was time for Christians to take back influence over:

  • Family
  • Church/Religion
  • Marketplace
  • Media & Social Media
  • Government
  • Education
  • Arts & Entertainment
  •  This free resource will help you discover who God has called you to be… …and the people He has appointed you to reach.

It's called “How High Is Your Mountain of Influence?” It's a short, uplifting read. I pray it will bless you!

P.S. Are you an influencer? I invite you to learn more about my live training event, 7 Days to Freedom. That's where I train Christian to be the head and not the tail. And I share exact strategies for how to take dominion over your appointed Mountain of Influence.

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