Emotional Eating: Discover God’s Solution & Get Free

Emotional Eating

For decades, I had a major problem with emotional eating.

Whenever someone hurt my feelings, I ate. If I was nervous about an upcoming event, I ate. Any time I felt consumed with regret (which was often), I ate. In fact, I developed an eating disorder – rooted in some childhood trauma.

If you have the same struggle, I pray this video will be an encouragement to you.

God gave me HIS solution to emotional eating from His Word. I journaled everything I was learning and it eventually became my best-selling book, Becoming the Woman I Want To Be. It also became an online class called The 90-Day Renewal for Spirit Soul & Body.

Thousands of women from all over the world have been set free. They've made peace with food because they made peace with God. Most of all, they found a way to make peace with their past…and peace with themselves.

I often tell women, “You think the problem is what you're eating. But the real problem is what's eating you!” Until you find the courage — with God's help — to deal with the issues underlying emotional eating, you're doomed to go from diet to diet. From failure to failure.

But the Holy Spirit can lead you from strength to strength. I know from 20 years' experience that it's possible for you to walk in freedom. Whether your issue is over-eating, under-eating or binge-eating, the answer is healing your soul.

I've worked with women who need to lose hundreds of pounds. But I've also worked with thousands of women who had a never-ending battle with “the last 15 pounds” – the pounds they kept losing and re-gaining for decades.

The 90-Day Renewal has even helped women who needed to gain weight.

You might also be blessed by my Healthy Eating Plan From the Bible.

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