I want to make it easy  for you to spread the word about my online training program, Women's Empowerment University through the our affiliate program!

As an affiliate, you will be given all of the tools you need to share information about WEU.   This article will guide you through everything you need to know about how the program works.


  • You will need a PayPal account to be an affiliate, as we use PayPal to distribute commissions. A free PayPal account will work for this purpose.

Sign Up

Click here to go to our Affiliate Sign-Up Page

Fill out the form, and click “Create My Account.”

If the SamCart user has their account set up to require approval to add affiliates, you will receive an Approval Pending email.

Once the user approves your request to become an affiliate, you will receive an Account Approval email.

If the SamCart user has their account set up to automatically approve affiliates, you will immediately receive an Account Approval email.

The approval email will have your login link in it.


As a SamCart user affiliate, you will have access to a Dashboard.

This dashboard will be where you get your shareable product links, track sales and conversions, track your commission, and track payouts of your commission.

The Links section is where you find the links that you will be sharing with customers to get them to buy the products. The Destination Link is the SamCart user's product checkout page.

The Affiliate Link goes to that checkout page, but this is the link that YOU share. This link has your unique affiliate token attached to it that lets SamCart know that you are the one who brought in the sale. If you do not share the Affiliate Link, you will not get credit for the sale, and you will not get commission on it.

The numbers under “Clicks” are the number of times your unique affiliate link has been clicked. Conversions is the number of sales made on that link page.

Note: Any time you load your own affiliate link (in a new tab, new window, whether in a private window or not – ANY time the page from that Affiliate Link is visited), it will be counted as a click.


The SamCart user may set up emails that they want you to send out to potential customers. They can be found in this section. When you click on the email name, a pop-up window will appear.

You can either copy the raw HTML code on the left or copy the formatted text on the right.


The Ledger section is where you can keep track of the sales that you have made, the commissions you received for each sale, and the commissions that have been paid out on each sale.

Note: The commission structure is determined solely by the SamCart user, and may vary from product to product. Any queries regarding the commission structure should be taken up with the SamCart user.


The Payout section notes whenever your commissions are paid out to your PayPal account, and how much is paid out. Affiliate payouts are performed manually by the SamCart user, and they can occur no earlier than 30 days after the initial product purchase.

Note: It may take time for payouts to appear in your PayPal account.