Saint Patrick: Discover His Spiritual Secrets

Is Saint Patrick a myth…or a mentor? Find out in this fascinating training!

You may be surprised to learn that he was neither Irish nor Catholic. In fact, he was British and was the founder of a movement known today as Celtic Christianity.

He lived in the 4th Century and was kidnapped at the age of 16, then taken as a slave to Ireland. He escaped, but later returned to preach the Gospel to the people who had taken him captive.

You are about to discover the true story of Saint Patrick and his 7 Spiritual Secrets in this uplifting video:

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Saint Patrick's 7 Spiritual Secrets

  1. Don't Be Surprised When God Takes You Out of Your Comfort Zone
  2. Turn Toward God — Not Away From Him — When Life Takes a Twist
  3. Be Faithful with a Little
  4. Recall What You Know About & Have Experienced of God in the Past
  5. Worship & Pray During Your Darkest Moments
  6. When God Speaks, Take Massive Action
  7. Return To Your Place of Captivity & Set The Other Captives Free

You Can Read St. Patrick's Prayer of Protection. I encourage you to pray it over your life on a regular basis. It's hard to believe it was written 1,600 years ago because it so incredibly relevant for us today.

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