Discover Lifestyle Freedom In an Irish Castle

Big announcement. The Lifestyle Freedom Event for 2020 will be held in Ireland. Limited spots available. Apply today:

Does this sound like you?  
God has given you a mission, a message or a method you know could radically change other people's lives.  But you feel like the world's best kept secret.  
If only more people knew what you had to offer, they'd be benefiting from your books, growing through your programs, enjoying your products or advancing rapidly through your unique approach to coaching and training.
But how do you get the word out?  How can your voice be heard above the crowd?  
Come discover the secret to turning your passion into profits…or your message into a world-changing movement. That's what Donna Partow and Tamera Aragon have done. And what they've helped others do. 
Now it's Your Turn.   

Lifestyle Freedom is the Answer

Unsure how to get paid what you’re worth, while doing what you love?No worries, we’ll nail it down.

Want to discover how to communicate your life's work in such a way that your voice is heard above the noise? 

Easy! Let’s do it together!

Want the freedom to travel at will, to live and work anywhere in the world, but you’re not sure how to become location independent?

We can show you exactly how to do it.

Want to create online, passive income streams that allow you work remotely?

Be prepared. So the next time a crisis hits — and there's always another crisis — you have a virus-proof, recession-proof income generation plan in place.

Your Irish Castle Awaits

Okay, we'll admit it.  This is one of the most outrageous and daring things we have ever done!

This is our 8th Lifestyle Freedom Event.  We've been to spectacular  resorts around the world in some of the most desirable destinations on the planet.  Like Fiji and Costa Rica. 

But this year, we are pulling out the stops. 
We have rented a PRIVATE IRISH CASTLE for the week.  That's right.   The entire castle.  

Just for YOU.

Come To an Irish Castle

We already know that not everyone will understand.
Some will call it extravagant in the extreme…
So why are we doing this? 
Because we wanted to show you that dreams really do come true. 
You belong to the King of Kings.  And for this brief moment in time, you will discover that everything is possible for you.
No dream too big.  No goal too lofty.
If this dream can come true, then nothing is out of reach for you.  
And that is exactly the mindset you need to succeed in whatever God has called you to do.

The Royalty Anointing

Won't you feel like royalty when THIS is your bedroom?
When you have an entire castle reserved just for you?  With the Irish castle staff is at your command?  
Come awake to breakfast served in splendor, featuring authentic Irish cuisine fresh from the kitchen. 
Enjoy fellowship around the table with your new royal sisters …and maybe a few brothers, too!  
Although this event is hosted by Women's Empowerment University, some of our star event alumni are men!  Kings and princes are welcome in our castle.N

Nothing else can compare to an Irish castle!

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