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Trip to Israel

It's On Every Christian's Bucket List…
But Why Not Do MORE Than
A Biblical Tour of The Holy Land?

What else could compare to the experience of walking where Jesus walked? What could you do — where else could you go — that would have a greater impact on your life? This is truly the greatest spiritual pilgrimage in the world. The Holy Land is simply INCOMPARABLE!

But let's be honest. Every major ministry, most denominations and many local churches plan biblical tours of Israel. So you have plenty of options.

Why come to Israel & Jordan with us? Because this trip is about more than visiting tourist attractions. Yes, of course, you'll see all the main sites, just like everyone else.

But unlike most Christians who come here and leave no trace, you will fellowship with and minister to both Arab Christians & Messianic Jews in partnership with local believers. You will sow eternal seeds for the Kingdom of God.

So not only will you be impacted…you'll make an impact, too.

You'll visit at the House of Prayer, attend a local congregation and get to be part of The Special Blessings Women's Conference in Bethlehem — worshipping with both Israeli & Palestinian Christians. You will never be the same.

Is Jesus Calling You?

If you sense that this is your year to visit the Holy Land…and you want to do what matters for eternity, then respond to the voice saying, “Come follow me.”

I Want to Walk Where Jesus Walked
Come Experience Both Sides of The Jordan River

What You Will See & Do

Day 1: Arrive

Arrive at Ben Gurion Airport. Transportation & Check into Tel Aviv Hotel. Prepare to awake early to begin our amazing spiritual journey through the Holy Land.
Relax – all the tours are planned.
All your meals are arranged.
You are in good hands.
Sleep well.

Day 2: Jerusalem

Jaffa Old City. Enjoy breakfast at the hotel with your new best friends. The bonds you will form will last a lifetime. You have made a great decision — you're in the right place, at the right time, with the right people.

The day begins with a tour of Jaffa's Old City. We'll be walking in the footsteps of Jonah. Our guide will share the rich history of the city, while your hosts, Donna Partow & Hector Torres, will be sharing biblical insights and scriptural encouragement along the way.

American Colony Hotel. One of the most moving experiences for me, during my first visit to Israel, was this oasis in the city. We'll be blessed to have a special luncheon here today.

You will see the original paper on which the hymn “It Is Well With My Soul” was written. The American Colony was founded by Horatio Spafford — after the tragedy that inspired those words – as a place to pursue the peace and presence of God.

You will discover both of those things here.

Mount of Olives. Next up is the Mount of Olives and a panoramic view of the spectacular City of Jerusalem. Together, we'll ponder the many significant events that unfolded here, including Jesus ascent into heaven from this precise spot.

It is astonishing how well-preserved this location is — and how real it all feels. Because it is real and you will know that, like never before, after you've been here for yourself.

Garden of Gethsemane. You'll be deeply moved as we visit the Garden of Gethsemane, where our Savior sweat drops of blood as He prepared to pay the price for each of our sins.

After our day in Jerusalem, we will head to Bethlehem, where we will have the opening session with a brief teaching, trip orientation and a “get to know each other” time.

Day 3: Bethlehem

Shepherds Fields. How wonderful to sit in awe and wonder at what a night of nights it must have been when the angels appeared over these fields, announcing Good News to shepherds.

Good news which was to be for all the people — including you.

And now, 2,000 years later, here you are – just one of millions who has embraced that Good News.

Church of the Nativity. So let's be real for a moment. This is a bit touristy and likely to be overcrowded. I think you'll be glad we didn't pack the entire trip with endless standing-in-line and gathering trinkets.

But for today, let's just embrace it, shall we?

It is here, at this very location, that many church historians believe our Savior was born. Can we not wait in line for that?

He left the perfection of heaven for us, so today, we will leave behind a bit of convenience to see for ourselves the place where heaven invaded earth.

Manger Square. We'll enjoy a traditional lunch amidst the hustle and bustle of Manger Square. Don't forget to pick up some Christmas ornaments and nativity sets!

Just think: the next time you are listening to “O Little Town of Bethlehem,” you'll be gazing at your mementos gathered on location.

Go ahead. Invite some friends over this Christmas just to show them and tell them all about your trip. We hereby give you permission to gloat, just this once!

Day 4: Bethlehem

Full Day Conference with Donna Partow. Today, we leave behind the crowds and shops and Christmas ornaments to focus on what Jesus really cares about: His flock.

We will spend the day in fellowship with and ministry to our precious brothers and sisters who call this often-challenging place home.

We've been invited and will be hosted by local believers, bringing together both Arab Christians and Messianic Jews.

Day 5: Jordan Valley, Masada & Ein Gedi

Get Baptized in the Jordan River. Yes, that's me walking into the river to be baptized. Very cool, right?

But not nearly as cool as it will be when YOU are the one walking into the river to be baptized.

The same place where John the Baptist ministered.

The same waters that welcomed the Source of Living Water.

My guess? This right here might just be the highlight of your trip. But of course, there will be plenty of competition for the title of highlight among so many potentially life-altering experiences!

Masada. I was originally going to say, “Well, Masada's not really in the Bible…” because somehow, on my first visit, I was so mesmerized by the heroic tale of the 1st Century Roman siege, that I missed the part that this was David's stronghold!

This place is awe-inspiring, humbling, profoundly moving. When we were planning the itinerary, this was at the top of my “must do” list.

What price are you willing to pay to live in freedom? This is the place to consider your answer.

Ein Gedi. How does a Spa Day sound? Yeah, I agree. You talked me into it, so let's do it.

And where better than at this spectacular oasis in the desert where so many memorable biblical stories unfolded.

Prepare your heart with Psalm 63, which is believed to have been written right here while David lived among the “craggy rocks.”

Day 6: Jerusalem

Church Service Let's have church! We'll be worshipping with Christians from around the world, in a place where Christians have gathered for more than 2,000 years.

And you thought your church had been around for a while because it's celebrating its 100th anniversary!

Prepare your heart to hear from Him in the City of David, the City of the GREAT KING!

Ben Yahuda Market Shopping & Lunch. From worship and pondering the birth, death, resurrection and return of our Savior…on to SHOPPING and people-watching.

And yes, this is just about the most fun place on earth to watch Humans of New York…and humans from every other city, country and continent. All here. All savoring the sights, sounds and smells of this magical market.

Speaking of smells, lock arms with a few of your new BFFs and enjoy lunch at the restaurant of your choosing. There's an almost unlimited number of options (lunch on your own dime today).

Jerusalem House of Prayer. So here's a sojourn off the beaten path, to be sure. Let's join our voices with those who are crying out to God, day and night, from the Heart of the City of Zion.

We'll take time for individual and corporate prayer. And be blessed to hear what heaven must sound like: a chorus of voices from every tribe and tongue lifting up praise and thanksgiving to the King of Kings.

Day 7: Jerusalem

Temple Mount. What I vividly remember most about my first visit to the Temple Mount was the profound realization that the earth is contested territory.

The obvious battle for this small piece of real estate is just a microcosm of the epic battle being waged over every piece of terra firma on planet earth — fought between powerful spiritual forces our eyes cannot see but which we can readily perceive.

Especially in a place like this in a time like ours.

Pool of Bethesda. Come to the water. Lay down your burden. Come and be healed.

Is there an area of your life where you need healing? A relationship? Something physical or emotional.

Come here to this place of healing and believe for a touch from the Savior.

Holy Sepulchre. Yeah, so this is another super-crowded touristy spot, but we can't NOT go to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

The evidence that Jesus was crucified and buried very near (if not exactly here) is quite compelling.

Even in the midst of the crowds, Jesus can and will touch us with the power of His death and resurrection. Bring your tissues today. You'll need them.
Garden Tomb. Is this the spot? The very tomb where our Savior lay? Many Christians throughout the centuries have believed so. And in any case, even if not, it was a place very much like this – and very near here.

The essential truth is: He is NOT here! He is risen, just as he said.

Let's celebrate the fact of the resurrection together in this beautiful, peaceful place.

Day 8: Galilee & Tiberias

Mount of Beatitudes. So in case we somehow, along this spiritual journey (or in the journey of life) lose sight of what matters most…we have this glorious place to remind us.

It's all about the BE – Attitudes. That's what Jesus was and always is after: our hearts.

It's not what we do. It's who we be as we do.

I, for one, am overdue for a reminder of that. And we'll get that reminder, deep down in the deepest part of our soul, here on the beautiful Mount of Beatitudes.

Tabgha Church of the Multiplication. Speaking of what matters to Jesus. Multiplication. That's what matters.

What matters is that the world may know. That the Kingdom would multiply. That your life, your legacy, your eternal impact — that you would give all that you have and all that you are into his loving hands — and let him multiply it.

Let's ask him to do that, shall we? And what better place that on the spot where Jesus miraculously took a little and made it a lot? Do it again, Lord!

Boat Ride on The Sea of Galilee. How about a relaxing day on the Sea of Galilee? Sounds perfect!

We'll enjoy a fish lunch in honor of those fishers of men who once fished here. And in honor of the fish Jesus would have us bring into the net for his eternal pleasure.

Not sure we want to try that whole ‘walking on water' thing…at least, not without a life jacket!

City of Tiberias. So I will admit my recurring little joke here, as I rode along the adorable ancients streets of this delightful city in a horse-drawn carriage.

“Just think, Jesus never once came here!”

Jews never came to Tiberias. (Apparently, it was situated on a giant graveyard and was considered unclean.)

Still, it's a beautiful and important city and you're sure to fall in love with its charm.

Day 9: Jordan

Mount Nebo. Today we begin our explorations on the other side of the Jordan. The Jordan side!

Together we'll stand where Moses stood as he surveyed The Promised Land.

What has God promised you? Okay then! Stand here and claim it. Ask God to give you the clearest vision of it you've ever had in your life. A vision so real, that you will never let it go.

Petra. One of the 7 Wonders of the World…and no wonder. Today we begin to explore one of the most astonishing archeological sites in the entire world. And that's not hyperbole. That's not according to me. It's according to the World Heritage Foundation.

Petra was the site of many Old Testament battles. Having spent a week steeped primarily in the New Testament, today we will turn our attention to some of the foundational stories in the bible.

This may be the perfect place on earth to establish your faith on the ROCK.

Day 10: Petra & Amman

Tour of Petra National Park. This region was famous for its spices, including frankincense and myrrh. I wonder if the Wise Men procured their gifts for the Savior as they passed through this region on the way to Bethlehem on their camels.

We don't know…but here's an idea. Let's climb aboard camels and take a tour of the park as we discuss the possibilities! And imagine what it must have been like to decide what gift to give to Jesus.

What gift will you give Him?

Amman. Come see what God is doing in the ancient city known in the bible as Ammon – a place where, among other significant events, David arranged the death of Bathsheba's husband.

(I've been doing quite a bit of teaching on 2 Samuel lately and I'm sure God will show us more than applies to our lives today!)

Enjoy this vibrant, modern city and get better acquainted with our wonderful Jordanian hosts!

Day 11: Madaba & Ancient Amman

Amman. For our final full day in the Holy Land, we'll explore the Old City of Amman and the ruins of Madaba, mentioned in the bible in Numbers 21:30 and Joshua 13:9.

This beautifully restored archeological site will take your breath away with its well-preserved mosaics. Each one tells a story. What story will you tell when you return home to your “normal life” – knowing you can never go back to who you used to be?

It's hard to believe our journey is coming to an end. Our 11 Days together went so fast…yet it feels like we've known each other all of our lives.

Our farewell dinner is bound to be a memorable event.

Day 12: Depart Amman

Tear-filled farewell to your new friends for life. The experiences you shared and the memories you'll cherish will form an unbreakable bond that will last forever.

See you next time?


Your Trip is ALL-INCLUSIVE of Airfare (from 5 select departure cities), all 4-star and even 5-star hotels, transportation, entry fees, meals (except 1 lunch and 1 dinner) and the conference. Departing airports are New York (JFK), Los Angeles (LAX), Chicago (ORD), Houston (IAH) and London (LHR). If you need an airline connection to get to one of those airports (or need to route through an alternative airport), our travel agent will work with you. Please be aware that there may or may not be an additional fee, depending upon your exact itinerary.

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