Do Not Worry

Do not worry about tomorrow
For tomorrow has enough worries of its own.

Do you know why I said this to you?
It is not some harsh command or limitation
Another set of “rules” you have to follow.

I said it to free you.
You see only today and yesterday
But I see tomorrow.
I know what lies ahead.

I don’t say, “Do not worry about tomorrow”
Because I am a God who is unprepared;
I say, “Do not worry about tomorrow”
Because I am already preparing you.

You are a precious child of mine
And I desire to give you every good thing.

I have prepared you for a future you could not even imagine
And I prepare you to walk into it, today.

I will not abandon you when the thunderstorms come.
I will teach you how to stand in the rain
So you may someday run in the hurricane.

Count it all as a blessing because
I have uniquely prepared you for this life.

If I allow you to be tested,
It is not because I THINK you will pass
Or have an inkling you MIGHT survive.
It is because I know you will choose me.

You succeed today
Because I prepared you yesterday.

I see you
I have not forgotten
My will has not changed.

This life is an adventure
And you will come alive.
You will lack no good thing.

Do you think I am poor?

Do you think I am withholding blessings?

You carry in your very being
A LARGE QUANTITY of skills, talents, passions and visions.
They are YOURS
Because I have given them to you.

As a child opens the packaging to a new toy
And shows his father the pieces
Asking for help to assemble them
Bring yourself to me.
Present your broken pieces
And I will assemble your life.

I have the blueprint, Beloved
And I promise you, it will all make sense.
I left nothing out.
You are uniquely prepared
For a journey I have hand-selected for you.

But you have to choose me.

A car will not run without its engine
And you will not run without me.
I desire to fuel you,
To take you places you never dreamed.

But, I am no harlot
I am a gentleman.
I have already chosen you
But you must choose me in return.

I stand at the door of your heart
Patiently waiting, but ever anticipating
Overjoyed at the thought of the moment
When you will open the door
Shining light and warmth inside.

Take my hand
And begin.

I KNOW the plans I have for you. 
Trust me.
Let us journey together
On an ever-blessed path
I will never leave you.

It is time.

Thought you'd enjoy this photo of my daughter, Leah, living worry-free in Africa..where she wrote this poem!

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