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FINANCES: Power to Become Financially Free

Free Ebook: 13 Proven Ways to Discover the Perfect Business for You

Book: Making Money from Home: How to Run a Successful Home-Based Business


Soar to the Top

Home Business Apprenticeship


FITNESS: Power to Become Physically Fit 

Book:  Becoming the Woman I Want to Be: A 90-Day Journey to Renewing Spirit, Soul & Body


e – class: The 90-Day Renewal in Spirit Soul & Body

Recommended Resource:  The 90-Day Challenge


FAITH: Power to Become Spiritually On Fire


Becoming a Vessel God Can Use

Becoming a Vessel of God's Power: Give God Thirty Days and See What He Will Do

This Isn't the Life I signed Up for

Let Your Life Count

Soon to Be a Major Motion Picture (Humorous!)

Standing Firm

Living in Absolute Freedom


2 Corinthians





Get on Fire/Hope Again

Empowering You to Breakthrough


FAMILY: Power to become: Relationally Rich


A Woman's Guide to Personality Types

Personalities in Love

FOCUS: Power to Become Practically Wise   

Book:Becoming the Woman God Wants Me To Be


Proverbs 31 Study: The 90-Day Jumpstart

Soul at Rest, Body in Motion

Live Your Best Intentions


FINESSE: Power to Become Professionally Polished

Free Ebook: 21 Quick & Easy Ways to Make a Real Change in Your Life & Calling


Live Your Best Intentions

Step Into Your Calling with Confidence

Soar to the Top: How to Unleash the Favor of God in Your Life