Christian Affirmations to Experience the Holy Spirit

These Christian Affirmations to Experience the Holy Spirit are inspired by my book, Becoming A Vessel of God's Power. I pray that as you made God's Word personal, you will experience just how powerful God is. He can transform every area of your life from the inside out.

Then, after He has transformed you, He can change the world through you.

I can experience the power of God. 

I remain confident that God is still a God of Power.

I choose to remember the works of God. 

If I want to experience God's power, I must align myself with His purposes. 

The power of God flows most consistently through pure vessels.

Confession and cleansing set me free to serve God.

The power of God will keep flowing as long as I am purified daily. 

I choose a lifestyle of radical purity.

I need a PIT Crew: of Prayer Warriors, Insightful Counselors and gifted Teachers.

There's no substitute for time in God's Word.

When I customize my Bible, I am sharpening my sword.

God's word has the power to transform me especially when I make it personal.

God’s power is unleashed through me as I share His Word with others.

I am an imitator of God.

 God has called me to exercise bold faith.

I believe God likes to say yes to my prayers!

Praying God's Word unleashes God's power in my life.

 Easter power in God project prayer is power in prayer when two or three are gathered.

I can find rest for my soul.

I acknowledge my faith in God's power by choosing to take a day off each week.

I believe God keeps His promises.

I can behave as God's child.

Holy Spirit gives me power within and power upon my life.

When I am weak, God is strong.

God will open doors of opportunity for me.

I can exercise my rightful spiritual authority.

I can make the most of seemingly small opportunities.

I experience God’s power when I walk in divine rhythm.

I choose to keep believing