Setting Up A Home Office

Setting Up a Home Office
Setting Up Your Home Office
Believe it or not, my first home office was a closet.  And not a walk-in closet.  A tiny closet!  Just wide enough to hold a 3-foot desk and just long enough for me to squeeze in a chair behind the desk.  As long as I didn't want to move at all, I was okay.  But you know what?  I was incredibly efficient in that office!  I only went in there when I was serious about working and when I was in there, I remained serious about working.  Unlike my large office now, where I sit around goofing off for hours a day.  Just writing these words, I'm tempted to go move into a closet somewhere in the house!Your home office MUST be a dedicated space.  Do not even think about having it at your kitchen table!  Find a place that can be exclusively devoted to working on your home business.  It can be a closet, the basement, spare bedroom, attic, a portion of a room, a remodeled garage–whatever, wherever,  The key is to take it seriously.  Whenever possible, find a way to ‘close up shop' each day.  If you can shut a door, fine.  If not, hang a curtain or piece of fabric.  Put up a partition. Do something that enables you to physically and mentally walk away when the day is done.

I strongly urge you to resist the temptation to put your home office in the corner of your bedroom.  I did this for a year or
so, when we lived in a small apartment, and it was a disaster.

Set up a desk, computer, whatever equipment you need.  A small laptop computer is an absolutely must.  Even if you
have to buy one second hand on eBay, do it.  Have a yard sale and sell some of your junk, if you need to, but don't even
think about starting a home business without a computer.

Purchase basic office supplies.

Establish working hours and post them at the entry way of your home office area.

I do NOT recommend seeing clients in your home.  Either meet them at their office or on neutral territory such as a
coffee shop.  Your home office should be used just for handling the at-home aspects of your business.